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Vehicles and driving licenses


To drive abroad, Italian citizens are subject to different rules depending on whether they go there for a short stay or to establish their residence.

Italian citizens residing or staying for at least 6 months in Canada may obtain at the Embassy or Consulates of Italy in Canada confirmation of the validity of their Italian driver’s license as long as: it is of category A and B, it has expired no more than five years before and it does not fall under the cases provided for in Article 119, paragraphs 2-bis and 4 of the Highway Code (licenses of drivers suffering from diabetes or whose psychophysical fitness must be certified by special medical commissions).

Interested Italian citizens will have to undergo the scheduled medical examination for verification of mental and physical requirements (see attached), which may be issued by an eye doctor. The cost of the examination is borne by the interested party.

The Embassy or Consulate will issue appropriate renewal certificate. There is a stamp duty to be affixed to the certificate (Art. NAA) and a consular fee for renewal (Art. 66D).

A renewal made at the Embassy or Consulate is valid for driving both in Italy and abroad. Once residence in Italy has been re-established, the Italian citizen must confirm the driver’s license again at the Central Office of the Department of Land Transport competent for the place of residence.



In most Canadian provinces it is permitted to drive for a period of 3 months from the date of arrival with a valid Italian driver’s license. For more information regarding the jurisdiction of this Embassy visit Drive in Ontario website: visitors | or Québec Permits, certificates, licenses | Gouvernement du Québec (

In any case, it is advisable to have an international driver’s license (to be obtained from the DMV offices before setting out on the road) considering that car rental companies have the right to require it. The international driver’s license mod. Geneva 1949 is recognized in Canada. For more information and to find out how to obtain an International driver’s license visit the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure website

For short stays in Italy (e.g., for vacations), if you do not have an Italian driver’s license, it is sufficient to have an official translation of the Canadian driver’s license to be shown at the request of the Italian security organs.

In case of loss or theft of the Italian driver’s license, Italians residing in Canada must file a report to the Italian Police Organs (Presidential Decree 104 of 09.03.2000) and to the local authorities.