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Translation and legalization of documents

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of January 11th, 2024, the Apostille Convention will come into effect in Canada.


The Apostille is a certificate issued by Canadian Authorities and associated with the document it refers to.

When “apostilled”, official documents issued by Canadian Authorities are valid, without further steps, in all Countries (including Italy) that are part of the Apostille Convention.

This means that an official document issued in Canada (e.g., a birth certificate issued in Ontario or a Manitoba Bachelor’s Degree) endowed with an Apostille certificate by the relevant Canadian Authorities will not require to be legalized by the Italian Embassy or Consulates in Canada to be considered valid in Italy.

This Embassy is NOT responsible for the Apostille. This service is provided exclusively by the relevant Canadian Authorities.

Procedures for requesting the Apostille will vary from Province to Province.

For more information visit and carefully read the dedicated Government of Canada site:


Certification or legalization is used to confirm that a signature on a legal document (of a lawyer, notary public, Canadian public service officer, officer of a Canadian academic institution) corresponds to the signature on file at the Consular Office.

If the signature is not on file with the Consular Office, it must first be authenticated by Global Affaires Canada, and the signature of the Global Affairs officer legalized in turn by the Consular Office.

You may check to see if the signature is on file with this Embassy by consulting the following lists:

The signatures of Vital Statistics Officers pertinent to documents issued in this consular district (birth, death, and marriage certificates) are all on file with the Embassy’s Consular Office.

You may make an appointment for a certification via the new online reservation system Prenot@mi.

The fee for the service is listed here. (art. 69 or art.7 for vital statistics certificates).

Payment in cash only, at the time of the service.