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Citizenship By Descent “Ius Sanguinis”

General requirements for eligibility

Italian citizenship by filiation (ius sanguinis) passes from one generation to the next with no limitations, provided that:

  • the Italian ancestor was an Italian citizen at the time of his descendants’ birth (prior to August 15, 1992 Italians who became Canadian citizens automatically lost their Italian citizenship);
  • neither the applicant nor any of the family members in the direct line of descent have ever renounced their Italian citizenship.

Italian citizenship through direct maternal lineage is possible only for individuals born on or after January 1st 1948.

The law in effect at the time of the person’s birth governs the individual cases and determines the requirements.

The Authority responsible for verifying the authenticity and eligibility of applications is determined based on place of residence. For residents abroad this authority is the diplomatic-consular Office responsible for the applicant’s territory: FIND YOUR CONSULATE.

Residents in the City of Ottawa, the Counties of Carleton, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, and Stormont in Ontario and the Outaouais Region of Québec must apply at the Consular Office of the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa.

To schedule an appointment please send an e-mail to

The day of the appointment the applicant must submit the required documentation, forms and declarations and pay the consular fees listed below. Should the need for further clarification arises, the Consular Office will request additional documents.

Please read carefully the following sections:

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