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If you are a foreign citizen wishing to travel to Italy, please consult the Visa database of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   You will be taken through a guided process and after answering a few questions on your nationality, country of residence, the purpose and length of your stay, you will be advised of whether or not you need a visa to enter Italy.   

For entry visas for the Schengen Area, the Visa Office of the Embassy of Italy is connected to VIS (Visa Information System) a data-sharing system among the countries belonging to the Area.  The main goals of the VIS are to streamline visa application procedures,  make border controls easier, and strengthen security.  The VIS also helps prevent “visa shopping”  and assists European Union Member States in the fight against visa fraud.  


If you are an Italian citizen who wishes to travel to Canada, you should  consult the website of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Department  responsible for entry into Canada and providing  visa information.  For additional details, visit the website of the Canadian Embassy in Rome.  Be advised however that for stays in excess of six months, you will need to apply for an entry visa at the Canadian Embassy in Rome.

Important: travellers who do not require a visa, including Italian citizens travelling to Canada by air, must however obtain an  “electronic Travel Authorization” (eTA) prior to departure or they will be denied boarding at the airport.   The eTA is available online; the cost is 7.00 CAD.  You will need to have on hand your valid passport, a credit card, and an email address.  The eTA will be electronically added to your passport and will be valid for a period of 5 years or until the expiration of your passport, whichever comes first.  Be advised that eTA authorization does not automatically guarantee entry to Canada, which is at the discretion of the Canadian customs and border authorities.

The eTA does not authorize you to:

- remain in Canada beyond the approved period;

- engage in any activity for which you are paid.

For additional information on the eTA click here.


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