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Vital Statistics

Vital statistics are the set of facts or declarations inherent to the life of the individual: birth, marriage, death, divorce, citizenship. The registration of these facts falls within the purview of the Vital Statistics Offices, located in Italy in the Comune or City Hall, and outside Italy of the Consular Offices.

The Vital Statistics Officer at diplomatic or consular mission is responsible for:

  • the management of vital statistics registries (citizenship, birth, marriage, death) for certificates provided by the Consular Office itself;
  • the acceptance of certificates issued by foreign authorities and the forwarding thereof to Italian municipal authorities for registration;
  • the acceptance of orders and acts issued abroad (for ex. divorce, adoption, etc.) and their forwarding to the appropriate authorities in Italy;
  • for the forwarding of applications for a change of name or surname to the appropriate local authorities;
  • the preparation and publication of marriage banns in the online notice board of the Consular Office;
  • the celebration of marriages, if permitted by local legislation. Marriage celebration may be refused if the parties do not reside within the consular district.

Italian nationals are obliged to advise of any and all variations in their vital statistics status (and produce the relative certificates, orders or other pertinent documentation) during their time outside Italy by informing the Consular Office with jurisdiction for their area in which the event took place.

The said orders or acts may be submitted by the interested parties or other parties concerned directly to the City Hall in Italy in which they are registered (see art.12, paragraph 11, DPR 396/2000) or to the Consular Office with jurisdiction for the party’s place of residence.

(Orders or acts issued by countries signatory to the Vienna Convention of September 8, 1976, which provides for the issuing of a multi-lingual application form, are exempted from certification and translation requirements.)



Italian nationals, even if they live abroad, are obliged to advise the Registrar or Vital Statistics Office of the municipality in which they are registered in A.I.R.E. of any change in their status (birth, marriage, divorce, or death of a spouse).

To do so, the interested party presents the required documentation to the Consular Office with jurisdiction for their place of residence.

Documents not issued in the area of jurisdiction of this Embassy must be certified according to pertinent legislation in the area in which they were issued, and accompanied by a full translation in Italian (summaries are not accepted.) Interested parties should confirm directly with the appropriate Italian Consulate which documents are required, the availability of translation services, and any additional requirements (i.e. a postilla, in countries where required.)

As regards divorce decrees, the interested parties should contact the Consular Office with jurisdiction for the area in which the decree was issued.

A list of Italian Consular Offices around the world is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Rappresentanze Diplomatiche – Ambasciate e Consolati.



Here following is a list of the documents required to register vital statistics events in Italy.

Please note that original documents are required and will not be returned.



1. completed request form (download the form);

2. original birth certificate:

  • for persons born in Ontario: the document required is the “Certified copy of registration of birth” size 8” x 14” (see:;
  • for persons born in Québec: the document required is the “ Copie d’Acte de Naissance/Copy of an Act of Birth” (see:;

3. translation* of the complete birth certificate;

4. proof of Italian citizenship of parent or parents if resident/s outside this consular district.

For the purposes of citizenship: for registration requests for minor children, reference is to the citizenship of the child’s parent/s; children 18 years of age and older must request the recognition of citizenship by descent before they can request the registration of their birth certificate.



In the event that the applicant was married in Italy but divorced abroad, the divorce must be registered in Italy prior to the request for the registration of the second marriage.

Documents required:

1. completed request form (download the form);

2. original marriage certificate:

  • for persons married in Ontario, the required document is the “Certified copy of registration of marriage” size 8” x 14” (see:;
  • for persons married in Québec: the required document is the “ Copie d’Acte de Mariage/Copy of an Act of Marriage”(see:;

3. full translation* of the marriage certificate;

4. photocopy of the birth certificate of the foreign spouse;

5. proof of the Italian citizenship of the applicant/s if residents outside this consular district.



The death of an Italian national (or a former Italian national who has lost his/her/their citizenship) must be registered in Italy.

Documents required:

1. completed request form (download the form);

2. original death certificate:

  • for a death in Ontario: the required documenti s the “Certified copy of registration of death” size 8” x 14” (see:
  • for a death in Québec: the required document is the “ Copie d’Acte de Décès/Copy of an Act of Death” (see:;

3. full translation* of the death certificate;

4. photocopy of an identification document of the person requesting the registration;

5. photocopy of the most recent Italian passport of the decedent or of a valid identification document of the decedent;

6. “long form” copy of the Canadian citizenship certificate if the decedent was a naturalized Canadian.



Foreign divorce decrees can be registered directly in Italy, on the condition that the foreign judge is recognized to rule by Italian law and that the foreign proceedings respect the minimum standards envisaged by art. 64 of law n.218 of May 31, 1995 (in effect 31.12.1996). The Vital Statistics Officer of the municipality in Italy decides whether or not to permit the direct registration of the foreign decree.

Documents required:

1. “Decree Nisi” or “Divorce Judgment” or “Divorce Order”;

2. Certificate of Divorce (“Decree Absolute” or “Certificate of Divorce”);

The aforesaid documents must be submitted to this Consular Office following certification by Global Affairs Canada – Authentication Services Section, and must be accompanied by a translation in Italian*;

N.B. The documents and translation will be kept by this Consular Office, which will proceed with the required legalization according to the fee schedule at this link (see art. 69 of the Table of Consular Fees ( for certificates and translations.)

3. Self-declaration and request for registration (download the form), accompanied by the copy of a valid identification document with signature.




*For translation services, applicants may contact:

ATIO Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, tel. 1-800-234-5030,