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The Italian Language Around the World

According to “Ethnologue: Languages of the World,” in 2018 the Italian language ranked 4th among the most studied languages in the world, after English, Spanish, and Chinese. Every year more than two million students from 115 countries choose to attend Italian courses.


Italian is a language of culture. Italy’s cultural wonders are known and admired all over the world. According to UNESCO data, Italy is the country with the greatest number of World Heritage sites, with a record of 55 sites and 41 candidate sites in 2019. It is therefore not surprising that many people choose to learn Italian as a language of culture. But knowing how to speak Italian also means opening the door to the vast literary heritage that has helped make the history of Europe, appreciating the writings of great minds in humanism and science, and discovering a wealth of internationally renowned theatre, music, opera, and film.

Italian is a language of study. Every year great numbers of foreign students choose to attend Italian schools, academies, and universities. The Italian university system is strong and competitive in various disciplines. Looking at the global ranking by the QS World University Rankings for 2019, Italy is the seventh most represented country, with 34 universities, five more than last year, and the third in the European Union, after the United Kingdom (84 universities) and Germany (47).

Italian is a working language. Italian companies are worldwide leaders in many sectors (food products, hospitality, fashion, design, luxury goods, tourism, furniture, art, cars, manufacturing, aerospace, robotics, renewable energy, etc.). Speaking Italian is therefore an important asset for professional growth and career development. Also, Italy is one of the largest economies in the world and many Italian brands and companies need employees who can speak Italian. Thanks to globalization, more and more companies around the world work together, communicating in a variety of different languages, including Italian.

Finally, speaking Italian is fundamental to a full understanding the essence of the Italian lifestyle and the Italian culture; it means being able to experience Italy’s authenticity in all its vibrant reality in its cities of art, its natural wonders, its sublime cuisine, and warm exuberant, hospitality.