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The video game “ITALY. Land of Wonders” lands on the web

The puzzle game produced by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to narrate the beauties of Italy’s lands now has a dedicated web page.

The video game for mobile devices “ITALY. Land of Wonders” (“ILOW”), produced by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now has a dedicated web page, where Internet users will find all the contents of the eponymous puzzle game designed to introduce Italy, its cultural heritage and its wonders to the foreign public, and in particular to young people.

Just like the app, the ‘ITALY. Land of Wonders’ webpage is realised by Infinity Reply on behalf of the Italian MFA. It narrates the beauty and the tradition of our country in an interactive and entertaining way, and it is available in 11 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

ILOW’s webpage aims to amplify the promising results achieved by the video game one year after its release on iOS and Android stores.

Launched worldwide in July 2021 (except on the Chinese market, due to the still pending licensing procedure), ILOW has in fact registered over 420,000 downloads worldwide and has been selected by Apple as one of the best video games currently trending. A preferential visibility status in its App Store has been assigned to it.

Like all of ‘Italiana’s cultural agenda, ‘ITALY. Land of Wonders’ is part of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overall programming strategy to support Italian cultural and creative industries.