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Greetings from Italian Ambassador Andrea Ferrari on the occasion of Italy’s National Day

Dear fellow Italians, dear friends,

on June 2nd we celebrate our Republic, the form of representation chosen by millions of Italian women and men when they cast their votes on June 2nd, 1946.

Once again, for reasons we know well, this year our celebrations are different from what they have always been, yet we share the same spirit of togetherness.

Seventy-five years have passed since that historic day in 1946 – years of peace, protected by the values of freedom, justice, democracy, and solidarity, that are the foundation our Constitution, that serve as touchstones for every Italian citizen and as guiding principles for those called to public service.

They are universal values that reflect who we are and characterize our international commitment to respecting differences and fostering unity among peoples, to protecting human rights and the rule of law, and to safeguarding the balanced and sustainable development of our planet for future generations.

They are the values that underpin our current Presidency of the G20, our Co-presidency of COP26, our commitment as active members of the G7, the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union. Italy has strongly supported the Union from its very beginning, through a variety of concrete initiatives aimed principally at strengthening solidarity amongst its peoples. Its security can only be assured by joint, at times creative, efforts proportional to the threats it must sometimes face. Next Generation EU is a historic initiative that will enable us to deal effectively with the impact of this terrible pandemic on our societies and our economies and give new hope to Italian and European citizens.

In this context, Canada is an extraordinarily important partner for Italy, at the multilateral level as well, one with whom we continue to develop and nurture our already excellent bilateral relations. The certainty that we share the same principles and values, the strength of our historical and cultural ties, at the root of the undisputed contribution of Canadian-Italians to the growth of this wonderful country, further strengthen my conviction that it will not be difficult to find new and productive roads to ever greater cooperation. Italy’s imminent reopening – strong, inclusive and sustainable, is characterized by innovation, competitiveness, and digitalization. A successful investment in the vaccination campaign has allowed the gradual but steady resumption of tourism and all economic and social activities, thus further contributing to the prosperity of both Italy and Canada, one of our most important trade partners.

I will end with thanks to you, dear friends, for the support and understanding that I know, even though I have only been here a few weeks, the Embassy and our Consulates General have always received, even in difficult times. I will be grateful if, during the course of my mandate in Canada, you continue to share the benefit your input, to help us fine-tune our procedures and initiatives as we strive to improve the quality of the service we provide daily.

In renewing my commitment to continuing this constructive cooperation with you, I am delighted, on this very special day for Italy and its citizens at home and abroad, to extend my warmest wishes.