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Comites Elections 2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE – In the absence of the presentation of a list of candidates for this consular district within the dates prescribed by law, i.e. October 03, 2021, the elections for the renewal of the Ottawa Comites will not take place, as noted in the Consular Decree of October 5, 2021.

Elections will be held in the other consular districts in Canada within the prescribed times and terms.


On December 03, 2021, Italian nationals living abroad will have the opportunity to vote for their representatives on the Com.It.Es.

These important elections are open to voters who are eligible to vote in national elections in Italy, who have resided in their consular district for at least six months (prior to the election date), and who are registered with AIRE.

Voting is by mail-in ballot but – contrary to national elections and referendums – the vote-by-mail packet will be mailed to interested persons ONLY upon request.

ATTENTION: to receive the vote-by-mail packet, eligible voters must contact the appropriate Consulate by phone or by email and ask to be registered on the voters list NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 3, 2021.

Once you have completed the voter registration form you may submit it to the Consulate in one of the following ways:

in-person delivery, with a signed identification document. In-person delivery is by appointment only, email or call 613 232 2401;by post, accompanied by a photocopy of a signed identification document; by (regular) email to or by certified email to, together with a copy of a signed identification document.

N.B. Online registration is also currently available for residents of this Consular district through the FAST IT consular services portal under “Voter list registration for Comites Elections” (Domanda di iscrizione nell’elenco elettorale per le elezioni dei Comites) at this link:

Once your registration on the voters list is completed you will receive the vote-by-mail packet at the address you provided on the form.


What are the Comites?

Established in 1985, they are elected Committees that represent Italian citizens living abroad in their interactions with Italian Embassies and Consulates. They represent the Italian community by promoting and protecting its interests; they assist new arrivals and work to preserve the historic memory of Italian emigration.


By whom are they elected and where?

They are elected directly by Italian nationals living abroad, in consular jurisdictions with a minimum of three thousand resident Italian nationals.


For further information, please:

Visit the dedicate webpage on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Watch the introductory video

Listen to the dedicated podcast