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AiutiAMO l’Italia: The 2020 Red Cross fundraising campaign brought concrete help to the fight against Covid-19

Thanks to the generosity and the big hearts of the Italian-Canadian community and Italy’s Canadian friends during the AiutiAMO l’Italia fundraising campaign in spring 2020, the Italian Red Cross was able to purchase five high-biocontainment ambulances and deliver additional healthcare equipment to the hardest hit Italian urban centres.

The support was crucial and had a concrete impact on the healthcare facilities that every day, from Sicily to Lombardy, are on the frontlines of this health emergency.

“My heartfelt thanks go to our Canadian friends and to the Italian community in Canada, that continues to shows its pride in its heritage through its unfailing solidarity in times of need.” said Ambassador Claudio Taffuri “Once again, our countries have shown that they can count on each other to face difficult situations together.”

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