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100 fully-funded Scholarships for the Rome Model United Nations

The “INTERNATIONAL CAREERS FESTIVAL” will take place from the 5th to the 8th of March 2016 and will be the first event in Italy dedicated to those who want to gain a competitive edge in the world of international careers. The Festival is organized by the Giovani nel Mondo (GnM) Association with the support and patronage of eminent institutions, amongst which are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Roma Capitale, the European Commission, the World Food Programme (WFP) and IFAD.

The event will be structured into 4 intense days of information and an alternative approach to employment, allowing each participant to choose the path most suited to their needs and abilities, bringing them closer to a successful career.

One of the projects within the Festival is dedicated to the world of diplomacy, the United Nations, and international organizations: the ROME MODEL UNITED NATIONS.

The participants will put themselves to the test alongside peers from all the world as they represent a State and, using the tools of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, will try to have their resolutions approved and passed in their favour. There will be 193 delegations representted, composed of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 14 members (based on how many committees in which they are present), and 7 Committees replicated. During the Pre-Conference Didactic Preparation phase, delegates will not only have all didactic materials provided to them and the possibility to interact with colleagues and Conference Officials through the online forum, but they can also participate during the training days hosted by the Association which cover the essential aspects of the simulation: rules of procedure, Agenda topics, speech and public speaking, etc.

All the work and Committees of the 7th edition of RomeMUN are inspired by the guiding theme: “YOUTH FACING FUTURE GLOBAL CHALLENGES”. For 4 work-filled days, 2000 of the brightest Italian and international students will represent a Country within one of the following Committees: DISEC–GENERAL ASSEMBLY-Disarmament and International Security; UNHCR–United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; FAO–Food and Agriculture Organization; SC–Security Council; ECOSOC –Economic and Social Council; UN Women-United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women; CPCCJ–Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

The Rome Model United Nations will be held in English and involves, for the most part, students studying International Relations, Political Science, Law, and Cooperation and Development.

Given the exceptional value that Giovani nel Mondo places on the experiences acquired by simulations such as Model United Nations, the 2016 edition will have 100 fully-funded (airfare not included) Scholarships available, for the most deserving students, allowing them to participate absolutely free.


September 2015 brought upon a new year for the Giovani nel Mondo Association, the organizing body of the Rome Model United Nations and the website Carriere Internazionali, which saw the expansion of and development of orientation and training activities for its members, as well as participation to prestigious international events, first and foremost the International Careers Festival, dedicated to Youth, Employment and Internationalization which will take place in Rome from the 5th to the 8th of March 2016.

The event will, in its entirety, involve the participation of 30,000 young people and will be divided into 4 days of workshops and practical simulations of international realities, within which there will be 4 paths from which the participants can choose to join: the Rome Model United Nations, the Rome Business Game, the Rome Press Game, and the Orientation Course for International Careers.

Contact Information:
Giovani nel Mondo Association
via Policarpo Petrocchi 10 – Roma
Tel: 06 86767305 o (+39) 06 89019538.
Executive Director “Rome Model United Nations”: Roberto De Girolamo