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Minister Bonino meets with the foreign press – Ukraine must avoid civil war. Last chance in Middle East

In Ukraine “the absolute priority is to avoid civil war and calm a situation that could become explosive”, asserted Minister Emma Bonino in a meeting with the foreign press, specifying that a representative of the European Union would be in Kiev in the coming days. “Europe will try for new negotiations”, she explained, expressing the hope that a “compromise” would be struck as soon possible.

Iran: goal successful accord and new phase

After the agreement with Iran, the goal is that “the accord succeeds and that a new phase begins”. On the Iranian nuclear programme, the “road to pursue is prudence, a 6-month agreement with intrusive monitoring”. Our policy with the new Iranian leadership, Bonino added, has to be “go and see”.

Middle East: if Kerry can’t succeed no one can

On the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, “if US Secretary of State John Kerry can’t succeed, no one else will have the strength, the hope or the energy to do so”. “This is the last possible chance”, for Israelis and Palestinians who, moreover, are not exactly enjoying “a rosy scenario”.

EU: Austerity is a means not an end

“Austerity is a means, not an end”, the minister pointed out, commenting on Europe’s insistence on budgetary discipline with regard to individual national economic policies. “The efforts that the Italian government and citizens are making should be acknowledged, if not we’ll have the paradox of the treatment that killed the patient”. Once accounts have been put in order, “ growth policies have to be imposed, and not only for Italy”. A growth policy that Germany also needs, which otherwise would risk “growing in a desert”.

Mare Nostrum: Italy alone only through December at most

Regarding the migrations from North Africa, Italy can take “unilateral” responsibility for the Mare Nostrum operation “only through December”. “At that point the question will become whether the concern is European or must remain a national problem, something that we consider irresponsible”, Bonino added, specifying that Italy had proposed that the EU study a response along the lines of the European counter-piracy operation Atalanta.

Induced delivery: legal and not political solution needed

The case of the Italian woman subjected to Caesarean section by a judge in England, “needs a legal solution, and must not be politicised”, the minister said, repeating that the woman had appealed only recently to the consulate, which would not fail to offer assistance.