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Following the signing in 2006 of the Memorandum of Understanding between Italy and Canada on the Youth Exchange Program, for 2015 the youth exchange “Working-Holiday” program will again allow 1,000 (one thousand) youths between 18 and 35 years of age of either country to spend up to twelve (12) months in the other country and seek and obtain temporary paid employment.

For Canadian youths it would be a significant opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the Italian language, culture and lifestyle.  The Working Holiday visa allows Canadian youths to seek work opportunities in Italy for a maximum period of six months starting from the date of entry in Italy.  The Visa is not renewable and the participation is allowed one time only.

Who can participate?

To participate in this program, candidates must be:

1. Canadian Citizens residing in Canada

2. Between the ages of 18-35 years old

Where and how to apply:

The Embassy of Italy in Ottawa and the Consulates General of Italy  in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will accept Working Holiday Program applications from Canadian citizens resident in their respective geographical areas of competence:

Embassy of Italy in Ottawa (for the counties of Carleton, Dundas, Glengary, Grenville. Prescott and Stormont and the Outaouais for Quebec);

Italian Consulate General in Toronto (for the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, North West Territory);

Italian Consulate General in Montreal (for the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland);

Italian Consulate General in Vancouver (for the provinces of British Columbia, Yukon
Territory, Alberta and Saskatchewan).

Similarly, Italian Citizens who wish in apply to this program for Canada must contact the Canadian Embassy in Rome.  The number of Working Holiday permits for Canadian Citizens is limited to 1,000.

Canadian Citizens who wish to participate to this bilateral program CANNOT apply for a visa after their arrival in Italy: they must obtain the necessary visa before leaving

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

-be between 18 and 35 years of age on the date of application;

-be a Canadian Citizen, reside in Canada and be in possession of a valid Canadian passport;

-have sufficient financial resources, a minimum of 200 Euro for  each of the twelve months, for a total amount of Euro 2,400 equivalent to $Can 3,500 (approximately ) and the availability of these funds has to be demonstrated through:

-last 3 months of bank statements;

-personal traveller’s cheques;

-presentation of a credit card in the applicant’s name with sufficient funds to cover costs;

-Health Insurance policy with a minimum coverage of Euro 30.000 for emergency  medical consultation, including hospitalization and repatriation for the entire length of stay (12 months).

Canadian Citizens who wish to participate in the Working Holiday Program must fill out the attached application and present it in person at the Embassy, if resident in the area of Ottawa and the Outaouais, or to the Italian General Consulates in Canada competent for their place of residence, if resident elsewhere. Please, see above.

The application form must be signed in original and accompanied by a CV (curricula – curriculum vitae).

In the application form, the applicant must:

-declare their intention to purchase, once in the host country, a private work insurance covering civil responsibilities and/or extra work insurance, if requested by the employer;

-declare that the reason for the sojourn is to spend a long period of vacation as a single traveller, with the opportunity of being employed in temporary paid work in order to increase personal financial resources while paying all required taxes;

-declare that they have no pending criminal investigations/charges and that they have no past criminal record.

A PASSPORT valid at least 6 months beyond the return date must be attached and included with the application form.

The processing time for the visa is 15 days from the date of submission of the application.

Unfortunately, specific  information regarding individual applications cannot be disclosed while they are being processed.

Once all requirements are met, the Diplomatic-Consular Representative will issue a visa on the PASSPORT indicating the length of stay and a letter of introduction will be issued to the applicant.

The current cost for the Visa application is $162.15 Canadian Dollars.

Within 8 (eight) days of arrival in Italy, the holder of the Working Holiday Visa is kindly requested to visit the Questura (Police Headquarter) with his Canadian passport, and a photocopy of the same passport along with 4 passport-size photos and one tax stamp of Euro 16, and lodge an application for a “Sojourn Permit” by filling out the attached request form (web link).

It is also possible to find the addresses and contacts of the 103 Italian police headquarters in the following website: http://questure.poliziadistato.it or the web link: http://www.interno.gov.it/

According to article 17, paragraph 1 of D.L. No.5 of February 9th , 2012 and article 9/bis, paragraph 2 of D.L. No. 510 of October 1st, 1996 the holder of the Working Holiday Visa is no longer requested to obtain the authorization to work issued by the “Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione” (single desk for immigration) through the competent Prefecture (“Prefettura”) – UTG (“Ufficio Territoriale del Governo”) of the city where the visa holder should be employed.

Only the procedure for the authorization of the “stay permit” must be initiated within 8 days after the arrival of the holder of the Visa in Italy in order to validate the 12 months visa.

The work authorization will be issued subsequently upon request of the employer by using the attached application form and will allow the Visa holder of the Working Holiday visa to work for a maximum period of 90 days with one employer and another 90 days with another employer, for a total of 180 days.

Following the presentation of the aforementioned application, which must be accompanied by a tax stamp of 16.00 Euro, the Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione (S.U.I./one-stop-shop) of the Prefettura (police headquarters) will summon the employer for the registration of the work contract if agreed. On this occasion the employer must present a valid identity document along with 1 tax stamp of 16.00 Euro for the registration of the contract.