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a. Applicant must be an Italian citizen.

b. Applicant must be registered with this Consulate with a current address (v. sezione anagrafe Anagrafe(



Documents required

1. Two identical colour photos, front-facing, passport-size (35x45mm), taken no more than 6 months prior to applying.


2. Identification document: most recent Italian passport or, if the Italian passport is expired or the applicant never had an Italian passport, a valid identification document such as a Canadian passport, driver’s licence, Ontario photo ID card.) If the applicant is a minor, any photo identification document, if available.


3. Status in Canada:

For Italian citizens:

Work or study permit or Permanent Resident Card or alternatively, a document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada following a Search of citizenship records.

For double citizens (Canadian and Italian):

If the applicant was not born in Canada and was naturalized Canadian after August 15, 1992 and did not so notify the Embassy, he/she/they will have to present a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (long-form with the full date, day/month/year, that citizenship was acquired.)


4. If the applicant is married, has minor children, is divorced or widowed, he/she/they will have to present the relative vital statistics certificates (see the Vital Statistics section Stato civile (


5. If the applicant has minor children, he/she/they must submit a consent form signed by the other parent (ATTO DI ASSENSO GENITORE DI MINORI) even in cases of separation, divorce, cohabitation, adoption. If the consenting parent is a citizen of the European Union or is an Italian resident, it will be sufficient to present the signed consent form accompanied by the copy of an identification document with signature. If the consenting parent is not a citizen of the European Union and is not an Italian resident, he/she/they must provide proof of identity (valid identification document) and sign the consent form in person at the Consular Office, witnessed by a consular officer. If the consenting parent lives outside the consular district, he/she/they may sign the consent form at the nearest Italian consulate or Italian police headquarters (Questura). If one of the parents is deceased, a death certificate is required.


6. If the applicant is a minor, the documents at points 2 and 3 above refer to the Italian parent(s); and identification document for the minor must also be presented if available. If the minor child’s birth certificate is not on file with the consular office, a copy must be provided in order to verify the names of the parents. If the birth certificate was not registered in Italy, registration in Italy must be requested at the time of the passport application (see the Vital Statistics section Stato civile ( If both parents are not present at the passport application appointment, a consent form signed by the absent parent must be provided. (For consent form signature requirements, see point 5 above.)

In the absence of consent from the other parent to the issuance of a passport to the spouse or to the minor child, the applying parent may submit a formal waiver request, providing the reasons for the withheld consent and the reasons for which the withheld consent is deemed specious or unjustified. The application must include detailed information regarding any obligations pertinent to parental rights and custody of the minor. The request will be assessed bearing in mind the psycho-social well-being of the child, with special emphasis on education and healthcare. The request must also include the most recent address, telephone number(s) and email address of the non-consenting parent so that the Consular Office may contact him/her/them directly. In considering the case, the consular authority may request further information. If it is determined that the reasons for the withheld consent are unjustified, the Head of the Consular Office, acting as arbiter and by special decree, can authorize the issuance of the passport. This is a legal and exceptional process and is to be used only in cases in which obtaining signed consent has proven impossible.


7. The passport fee is payable in Canadian dollars only, at the rate of exchange for the then current trimester (see Table of consular fees (



Passport validity

Passports issued to adults (18 years and older): 10 years

Passports issued to minors (3.5 years to 17 years): 5 years

Passport issued to minors (under 3 years): 3 years



Theft or loss

The theft or loss of a passport must be reported to local law enforcement authorities, and subsequently to Consular authorities DENUNCIA SMARRIMENTO/FURTO. The said authorities will, if requested, issue a new passport, following verification and upon presentation of the documents listed above.


Passports for Italian citizens who do not reside permanently in the consular district

Exceptionally, and in cases of confirmed emergency, Italian citizens who must apply for passports while they are away from their place of residence, may apply at the Italian Consulate in their temporary location. In this case, the Consulate in question will have to request (from the Questura or Italian Consulate in the applicant’s place of residence) authorization to issue the passport.