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Cooperation in Science and Technology


Cooperation in Science and Technology

Cooperation between Italy and Canada in science and technology is strong and longstanding, based in part on the Agreement on Cultural Cooperation signed in Ottawa in 1984. Among other things, the Agreement supports and promotes researcher exchanges and joint research projects. The Agreement is implemented through the re-negotiation, every three years, of an Executive Program that identifies the areas of greatest research interest to both countries.

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The Office of the Science Attaché at the Embassy of Italy coordinates and supervises science and technology cooperation between the two countries. It facilitates the internationalization of Italy’s research system and contributes to the development of bilateral relations.

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An Institutional Overview

The Canadian federal department responsible for research and development is:

with the support, as regards science policy, of the Chief Science Advisor.

The principal agencies at the national level that conduct and finance research and development are:

The principal agencies involved in research and development at the provincial level are:

The main universities and research centres in Canada are:

Science and technology cooperation between the two countries is most active in the following fields: physics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, photonics, and medical sciences.


Cooperation Agreements with Canada

Of particular note among the cooperation agreements and executive programs are: