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La diffusione della lingua italiana nel mondo


La diffusione della lingua italiana nel mondo

Italian Language in the World

Italian ranks third (after Chinese and Spanish) as an “unofficial mother tongue” and every year, half a million students attend Italian language courses outside Italy, in countries all around the world.


Italian is a language of culture.  Italy’s cultural and art treasures are well known and admired the world over. According to recent UNESCO data, over 50% of the world’s art treasures are located in Italy.  Knowing Italian also means being able to access a literary heritage that is of fundamental importance to the history of Europe, the great humanist and scientific texts,  theatre, music, opera, and cinema, to name just a few.

Italian is a language of study.  Each year students choose to attend our schools, our universities, our academies, our libraries.

Italian is a working language.  Managers, investors, technicians, trades, all types of workers, come into contact with the world of Italian industry, craftsmanship, and services that reaches beyond our country’s borders.  We should never forget Italy’s present as a dynamic and modern country, the progress of contemporary Italy, and the achievements of the past 50 years. From a poor, agricultural, and rural country, rich in monuments and works of art, Italy has become a global industrial power, ranked sixth among the world’s major industrialized countries.  Italy is also among Canada’s ten main trading partners and is renowned for the quality of its “traditional” products such as clothing, footwear, furniture, home décor and industrial goods, particularly machine tools, the aerospace industry, robotics, telecommunications, and the chemical industry.

All this explains the growing worldwide interest in the Italian language. 

Finally, if you speak Italian, a visit to our country and its welcoming and hospitable people will be an even greater pleasure – with its art treasures, natural beauty, and wonderful food, all waiting to be savoured!