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L italiano in Canada


L italiano in Canada

Italian in Canada and in Canadian Universities
The study of Italian in schools and in universities in Canada is available in Canada particularly in areas where there is a concentration of Italians and Italian-Canadians, and it is often part of the school curriculum thanks to ad hoc agreements with school boards in individual Canadian provinces.  Italian departments exist in the following universities:  McGill, Concordia, the University of Montreal, the University of Ottawa, Carleton, Brock, York, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University.  In addition, every year the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends five lecturers in Italian language to universities in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, and three Education Directors to the Italian Consulates General in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.  Some students have indicated that listing Italian as a specialization in their c.v. has significantly increased their employment chances following graduation, not only with Italian companies operating in Canada, but with Canadian businesses in Italy and  of course with international organizations.

The following are links to the Italian Studies Departments at Canadian Universities:

Italian sections in schools:


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