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Comites Elections 2021



Comites Elections 2021

On December 03, 2021, Italian nationals living abroad will have the opportunity to vote for their representatives on the Com.It.Es


What are the Comites?

Established in 1985, they are elected Committees that represent Italian citizens living abroad in their interactions with Italian Embassies and Consulates.


What to they do?

They represent the Italian community by promoting and protecting its interests; they assist new arrivals and work to preserve the historic memory of Italian emigration.


How many are there?

There are 108 Com.It.Es. around the world: 50 in Europe, 44 in the Americas, 7 in Asia and Oceania, 4 in the Middle East, and 3 in Sub-Saharan Africa. They play an important role in representing and promoting the interests of Italian communities around the world


By whom are they elected and where?

They are elected directly by Italian nationals living abroad, in consular jurisdictions with a minimum of three thousand resident Italian nationals.


How many members are there?

Each Com.It.Es is made up of 12 to 18 members (in consular jurisdictions below or above 100,000 Italian nationals registered with AIRE, respectively) who are elected for terms of 5 years.


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