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Another humanitarian aid shipment from Italy to Libya



Another humanitarian aid shipment from Italy to Libya

An Italian Air Force Hercules C-130 landed today in Misurata, Libya, delivering a new shipment of medicines and health supplies for the city's hospital and the neighbouring hospitals in Beni Walid and Harawa - health care facilities which are the hardest hit by the ongoing fight against Daesh in the area of Sirte.

It is the fourth such shipment to Libya, organised by the Italian Cooperation in these past few months. It consists of more than five tons of medicines and health supplies that are meant to assure basic medical care for approx. 10,000 people for three months and specific treatment to 100 people wounded in the war.

The operation, organized in collaboration with the UN Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) in Brindisi, met the request for emergency aid made by the Authorities of Libya's Government of National Accord. It was part of a large humanitarian aid package to support the most vulnerable segments of Libya's population, which Italy launched at the beginning of 2016, for a total value exceeding 2.5 million euros.